MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better

Increase your production capacity with human-robot collaboration

Mitsubishi Electric are happy to announce the release of the MELFA ASSISTA cobot which extends our existing robots product portfolio. The new series of cobots that can work collaboratively with humans and offers an intuitive accompanying engineering software that enables quick and easy start-up.

The MELFA Assista Cobot has been designed based on the Mitsubishi Electric's well-proven MELFA industrial robot arm. It allows collaboration with human co-workers with minimal guarding, and has been certified according to ISO/TS 15066 – the international standard specifying safety requirements for collaborative industrial robot systems.

The MELFA Assista is built to a robust design and operates with a position repeatability of ±0.02mm, in which it differs in no way from our standard industrial robots. This increases the number of potential applications where it can be installed, especially in assembly processes.

Setup times are short because teaching and programming is simple and visually based. For example, the ‘direct teach functionality’ allows the operator to take the gripper of the robot and move it to the required position, which is then saved as the target position for the robot movement.

Operators benefit from a new graphic programming environment called RT Visualbox: The robot is programmed using drag and drop icons that clearly indicate individual robot operations. This environment can also be used to simulate proposed robot programs.

Features and Benefits:

 Complies with international standards ISO 10218-1 and ISO / TS 15066 certified by TÜV
 Easy control and Easy programming incl. Easy teaching by direct hand guiding and pressing “Teach” button on the key sheet
 Direct monitoring of the condition of the robot by LED indicator on the robot arm
 Working like standard industrial robot with high speed operation mode and collaborative mode fitting for a wide range of application
 Optional version with H1 grease version in all joints & gears to allow working in Food and Medical environment
 Accuracy and stiffness is on the same level of industrial robots which provide a position repeatability of ±0.03mm
 RT VisualBox / RT3 can simulate the robot operation without having the real robot system available
 Ultra compact CR800-D robot controller
 MELFA SafePlus option support safety monitoring functions and can handle directly safety logic in the robot controller without using a safety PLC
 Certified peripheral devices such as electric grippers and cameras can be connected with ease using RT VisualBox
 Smooth arm design- I/O cables, Ethernet cable and pneumatic tubing routed internally within the arm.


The Assista has been designed to comply with ISO 10218-1 and ISO/TS 15066 and has been conformance tested by TÜV SÜD. Speed, position and force are safely limited and monitored. Maximum forces generated by the arm are within ranges defined by ISO/TS 15066. All of that without additional force or torque sensors – thanks to our next-gen J5 servomotors.
Safety devices such as area scanners or light curtains can be connected to detect if a human is around and operate at higher speeds or not collaborative speed.

Hand guiding

Simply grasp the arm and move it to the desired position. Then press the single button on the teaching panel on the arm. That’s all! The position is added to the robot program.


For simple tasks, we’ve designed an intuitive, touch-enabled, graphical programming tool – RT VisualBox. Build your programs with simple blocks, without programming knowledge. Utilise a step-by-step graphical wizard for setting all necessary parameters. For more complex tasks, you can program Assista using RT ToolBox3 – exactly the same way like our other robots

 RT VisualBox 1.00- drag and drop programmming
 Visual programming with monitor and simulation
 RT Toolbox3 Version 1.70H or higher
 R56TB Firmware 4.2 or higher

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