MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better

Visit us at the National Manufacturing Exhibition 2020 stand P03 for Smart Manufacturing Solutions

In an increasingly competitive marketplace smarter technology can offer big advantages to production facilities such as increased flexibility, efficiency gains and reduced down-time. Visitors to Mitsubishi Electric booth at the at the National Manufacturing Exhibition will be see how these goals can be met with connected production systems, intelligent control systems and artificial intelligence.

Mitsubishi Electric’s solutions for Cloud Computing help businesses benefit from Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Solutions are built on local control platforms to provide filtering and pre-processing of production data from intelligent devices, while at the same time facilitate communications to a cloud services.
Cloud computing is particularly beneficial when using of robotics in manufacturing. Production data is captured, processed and delivered to systems to enable production decisions to be made in real time. Large volumes of data can be stored and used to perform analytics, deriving trend information which can improve overall plant performance.

Process management, visualisation and control package Aquatoria® can deliver balanced water pressure across distribution networks, significantly improving water service levels, reducing leaks and lowering energy usage. Optimised control can be achieved by applying automation technology to system equipment such as valves and pumping stations with Aquatoria® providing a control platform that optimises all resources

Mitsubishi Electric offers a complete solution for line and load side distribution, providing users with the highest levels of quality, safety and reliability. Mitsubishi Electric’s AE World Super Series low voltage Air Circuit Breakers (ACB’s) can be used as the main circuit breakers of power distribution systems for buildings, factories, ships and they carry international approvals for industrial and marine applications. The ACBs are available in three frame sizes, offering high breaking capacity in an extremely compact package.