MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better
These interface modules provide wide ranging support group for control-system networks. For seamless integration of each level of the factory automation architecture a wide range of network connectivity modules are available.
This controller-to-controller network enables high-speed communication and high-volume data transmission, with seamless communication not interrupted by layers.
This high-speed field network extends from I/O to controller based architecture and offers a flexible wiring concept to match the needs of any device layout.
A control network for connecting manufacturing devices at a high level.
This high-speed field network enables control and information handling.
This MODBUS module connects with MODBUS compatible devices such as temperature controllers and measuring instruments.
These modules provide connectivity to the Profibus fieldbus (network).
This module interfaces the controller with a Devicenet network.
This interface module can be connected to an FL-net network.
This interface module provides support for AS-i networks.