MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better
Compact size achieved by a low heat generation design. Space saving due to side-by-side installation. General-purpose magnetic flux vector control. Reduced wiring check time.

FR-CS80 – The simple solution

By providing general-purpose magnetic-flux control in the world’s smallest compact body, the FR-CS80 offers cost-efficient solutions. This makes the FR-CS80 suitable for almost all industrial applications.

Features and user benefits

General-purpose magnetic flux vector control

Due to the general-purpose magnetic flux vector control the inverter is providing high level torque even at low speed, without the need of encoder.

Fast-response current limit

Operation continues and the overcurrent alarm is not activated even if there is a sudden change in load

DC Bus connection for energy saving

The DC Bus connectivity makes it possible to save energy within the system, and even makes it possible to connect a brake chopper or a regenerating unit.

Easy Plug-and-play connection to HMI (GOT) via RS485

When the inverter function “Automatic connection” is enabled, the inverter can communicate with the GOT 2000 series via RS-485, by simply connecting the HMI.

Continuous operation function at instantaneous power failure

Even in the event of an instantaneous power failure, motor operation continues without coasting and production is maintained.

Power failure time deceleration-to-stop function

The motor decelerates to a stop without coasting when a power failure or an undervoltage occurs. This function is useful for stopping the motor to prevent danger.

Increased excitation deceleration

The deceleration time can be reduced without using a brake resistor. The tact time can be reduced for a transfer line or the similar.

S-pattern acceleration/deceleration

An S-pattern is maintained from the present frequency to the target frequency; therefore it is possible to reduce shock impact during acceleration/deceleration and prevent load shifts.

Multi-speed function (up to 15-speed switching operation)

Operation speeds can be pre-set via parameters. This means that the user can adjust machine speed easily.

Protected in hazardous environments

The circuit board coating conforms to IEC 60721-3-3 3C2/3S2 for improved environmental resistance.