MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better

Leading manufacturer of enclosures providing solutions directly with pre-cutouts to suit Mitsubishi GOT screens


HMI and enclosure –Perfectly matched

The ultimate visualization system

To meet the challenges of industrial plant control in today’s market, it is essential that information is available instantly in the production process to avoid costly downtime and maximise throughput. At the same time, comfort and safety is important in an environment where mobility and easy operation are key for operators, programmers and maintenance staff.

Therefore, Mitsubishi Electric and Rittal have responded to this by offering a complete solution that can be customised to meet your needs.

Utilising Mitsubishi’s unparalleled range of high quality; touch screen GOT1000 Series Operator Terminals and Rittal’s innovative and superbly designed command panels, provides the optimum solution to maximise your ROI (Return On Investment).

Quick and Easy

Human Machine Interface systems enable operator interaction with machines to be quick, easy and precise. Rittal enclosure systems are modular, scalable, and work equally well in a centralised or decentralised environment.

All Rittal operator panel housings can be configured to include virtually any Mitsubishi display and arrangement of I/O devices that the application requires.

Cost effective

Mitsubishi Electric HMIs can be quickly integrated into Rittal “customised” operator panel housings, for fast access of information and easy operation. Key features of the successful Rittal enclosure range are the custom sizes, equipment and design.

Together with the worldwide system provider of control cabinet equipment and e-F@ctory Partner Rittal, Mitsubishi Electric has developed a modular control cabinet solution using Rittal's Ri4Power Structured System and Mitsubishi's innovative low-voltage switchgears.

Fast and reliable

Rittal's Ri4Power System has been designed for fast and reliable construction of low-voltage switchgears for machines, plants, buildings and motor controllers, and has been designed for loads up to 3200 A. The system is ASTA-certified and fulfills the building design certificate compliant with EN 61439-1/2 to ensure highest safety standards within energy distribution.

Easy planning and installation

The Ri4Power System facilitates easy planning and handling as well as perfect installation and a high level of modularity. Full flexibility is also achieved because the separate areas inside the control cabinet can be adjusted specific to the function-related switchgear installation.

The type-approved control cabinet modules for low-voltage switchgears with building design certificate from Mitsubishi now provide a complete solution that allows the operator to select the best components and systems of their class, sure in the knowledge that all safety regulations are met.