MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better

Precise process control for efficient management of municipal water supply and distribution systems

Technikon Ltd. is a company in industrial automation with knowledge in an efficient management system of all manufacturing and business processes. Furthermore Technikon develops and provides solutions for municipal water systems, providing precise process control over all aspects of water supply and distribution.

Built on Mitsubishi Electric’s MAPS SCADA solution, Technikon and Mitsubishi Electric developed Aquatoria® - Smart Water Solutions to improve operational efficiency and deliver significant reductions in the total cost of ownership for water utilities.

Advantages of Aquatoria®

  • Reduction of energy consumption
  • Minimization of leakages
  • Lowering of maintenance requirements
  • Enabling adaptive control to eliminate manual adjustments

Technikon’s innovative solution offers a full real-time water and process picture of the facilities.

Advantages of Aquatoria® built on MAPS SCADA

Thanks to the flexible architecture of Mitsubishi Electric’s MAPS workstations with built-in modules, Technikon’s Aquatoria® solution fulfils customer requirements for an easy adoption.

  • Good overview of the facility with an interactive map (Geo module);
  • Easy setup and parametrization via a configuration module for pump stations
  • Select most optimum for pumps at each station
  • Define and create individual reports with the integrated analytic reports module
  • Integrated infrastructure diagnostics for back up and simplified maintenance
  • Adoptive control module containing sophisticated process forecasting and neural fuzzy algorithms eliminate faulted manual adjustments


In the city of Minsk (population 1.9m) 117 (of in total 320) boosting stations and 24 bore holes are equipped with the Technikon Aquatoria® solution. The total investments had been 720K€ with an average ROI of 3.2 years (only based on energy consumption) in addition to other customer benefits after short time of installation.

For more references please see the Aquatoria® brochure, page 7.