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Sustainability at Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric is committed to contributing to society and helping to solve social issues through our business. This is reflected in our management policy where we have committed to “contribute to realizing sustainability through all of our activities”. We believe it is important to provide products and services that contribute to achieving sustainability, safety, security, and comfort.

Living Environmental Systems

Our Living Environment Systems Division consists of heating, air conditioning and ventilation solutions for domestic, commercial, and industrial buildings.
We are using our living environmental products to help achieve key initiatives like ZEB, (Zero Energy Buildings standard).


Providing comfortable and energy-efficient air conditioning for industry and in our everyday life

Mitsubishi Electric provide a broad range of environment-friendly highly energy-efficient air conditioning systems created with comfortable indoor environments in mind, from room air conditioners to air conditioner systems for stores, offices and other buildings. These include air conditioning systems that produce less CO2 during use, achieve high operation efficiency and advanced mechanical ventilation systems. It helps us provide comfortable buildings with reduced energy use and contribute to a carbon-neutral society.

Types of air conditioning systems and technology that companies can benefit from:

  • Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery - LOSSNAY ® (the world’s first energy recovery ventilator to use paper heat-exchange technology) Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) systems supply fresh air into commercial buildings whilst simultaneously extracting stale air. Most importantly, they recover valuable heat energy.
  • Hybrid VRF technology - A world-first concept that meets the demands of modern architecture. It combines the strengths of a direct evaporation system with those of a water-driven model and consumes far less refrigerant.
  • Plasma Quad technology - Significantly improves indoor air quality by neutralising six key indoor air pollutants and eliminating 99.98pc of the SARS-CoV2 virus.


Mitsubishi Electric range of ecodan air source heat pumps are one of the most advanced renewable heating systems available for homeowners and businesses. Heat pumps are a renewable, low-carbon alternative to traditional high-carbon heating systems such as gas and oil boilers. By replacing a combustion system with a renewable energy solution like an ecodan heat pump hot, you can significantly CO2 emissions.

Major social issues for which risks and opportunities have been recognized and evaluated Priority SDG initiatives
  • Optimal use of energy
  • Introduction of clean energy
  • Development of safe, secure, comfortable and sustainable cities
  • Sustainable use and development of resources
  • Proper management of chemical substances
  • Addressing climate change

For more information on how Mitsubishi Electric Living Environmental Systems is working towards a sustainable future, please contact us.

Factory Automation

Delivering Devices, Equipment, and Solutions that Help Reduce Energy Usage in Our Customer’s Manufacturing Processes.

Mitsubishi Electric's Factory Automation Division provides products, devices and systems possessing high energy-saving capabilities that are ideal for production facilities, especially in factories where large volumes of energy are consumed. The automation division offers hardware, such as Inverters, a.k.a Variable Speed Drives (VSDs), which add value and enhance the competitiveness of business through quality and productivity improvements, while reducing energy consumption.

Our automation control technology, which connects Operational Technology (OT) and IT, helps customers reduce the total cost of ownership, while continuously supporting their process improvement activities, and enables them to take steps towards achieving carbon neutrality.

We offer cutting-edge solutions for automation, providing a wide variety of products, from Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs), and advanced robotics to complete turnkey solutions covering safety, energy savings and UPS systems.

Our robots are also instrumental in helping our clients achieve their sustainability goals, as they strive to increase efficiency in production and maximise production flexibility.
e-F@ctory, Mitsubishi Electric’s Integrated FA Solution, meets the challenges of Digital Manufacturing by utilising FA and IT technologies to reduce the total cost of development, production and maintenance.

Main products and solutions

  • Edge and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)
    Improve the efficiency of production facilities and optimising factory operations.
  • Inverters
    Contribute to the improved productivity of equipment and realise energy savings.
  • Industrial and collaborative robots
    Reduce energy consumption by optimising production systems, reduce the production area footprint, reduce start up times, reduce waste and improve product consistency and quality.
  • Circuit breakers
    Measure energy and control power distribution to help achieve energy savings.
  • e-F@ctory – Mitsubishi Electric’s Integrated FA Solution
    Provides solutions that streamline manufacturing and reduce energy consumption through the use of IIoT, AI, big data analysis and advanced real-time control.

Major social issues for which risks and opportunities have been recognized and evaluated Priority SDG initiatives
  • Sustainable use and development of resources
  • Addressing climate change
  • Measures against air, water, and soil pollution
  • Addressing the declining labor force population
  • Optimal use of energy
  • Introduction of clean energy

For more information on how Mitsubishi Electric factory automation is working towards a sustainable future, please contact us.