MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better

Solutions for Coating

  • High-accuracy speed synchronization
  • Dedicated Roll to Roll Application
  • Drive using DDM

Solution overview

Issues Solutions
Line speed stabilisationHigh-accuracy speed synchronisation
Tension stabilisationDedicated Roll to Roll Application
Improving coating thickness accuracyDrive using DDM
Finding and avoiding coating defectsUse Line Scan Bar Cameras with adjustable illumination 

Solution details

Line speed stabilisation

By introducing the MELSEC iQ-R Series servo system controller, high-accuracy speed-synchronised operation of multiple shafts can be achieved.

The high-speed network CC-Link IE TSN enables high-accuracy synchronised control of multiple drive shafts mixing servos and inverters.

Tension stabilisation

Tension control, etc. can be easily achieved using the iQ-Monozukuri CONVERTING software application specifically for roll to roll equipment.

  • Feedback control, open loop control, winding diameter correction, etc. can be easily achieved using the application package including FB of functions required for roll to roll control.
  • It can also contribute to programme standardisation.

Improving coating thickness accuracy

For the coating process where speed stability is required, using DDM (Direct Drive Motor) without gear transmission mechanisms avoids the influence of backlash.

  • Use of the latest magnetic design and winding technology enables high torque density.
  • The slow rated rotation speed permits direct roll drive.

Finding and avoiding coating defects

Finding coating defects and measure the application of slurry inline with Line Scan Bar Sensors at an early stage to avoid expensive waste.

  • Use of the latest Line Scan Bar camera technology.
  • Generate and store data for postproduction analysis with the software tools Qi<+>PRO and MaiLab.