MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better

Horizontal and vertical pillow

Probably the most common type of packaging machines, aside from bottle filling applications, are the pillow type machines used to package a whole host of products, from candy bars, pizzas and breads to pharmaceuticals and other non food products.

The high accuracy demands of this type of machine are not a problem for the Q motion controller and MR-J4 series of servo drives together with SSCNET III servo network. In addition to this, the Q motion controller incorporates a phase compensation algorithm which ensures that the encoder phase angle and cam phase angle are precisely in synchronization. In general this means that the packaging cutters can be precisely synchronised with the feed of the conveyor, hence providing an accurate cut at high speed.

Another important aspect of pillow type packaging machines is the tension control mechanism. Simply by utilizing the range of high resolution analog to digital converter modules available for System Q the tension control mechanism, which usually comes in the form of a potentiometer with a counterweight at is end, is interfaced into the System Q controller. This control can then be easily managed within the logic program inside the Q CPU, continuously maintaining the right packaging film tension in real time.

Mitsubishi Electric really offers a high function solution without the setup worries and costs that are normally associated with such systems.