MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better

Main objectives

The Mitsubishi Electric robotics course introduces students to the teaching and programming of industrial robots. The course is designed to familiarise students with the different robot types available, such as; multi-axis articulated arm and SCARA. Students will learn how to simulate real applications and predict accurate cycle times.


The Mitsubishi Electric Robot programming course is designed for engineering students with no previous knowledge of robot programming. While no prior knowledge of robot programming is required a basic knowledge of PLC Programming is advantageous.

Products used

Mitsubushi Electric RV-2F Articulated Arm robot


2 Days


  • Overview of Industrial robots
  • Hardware and optional accessory hardware
  • Robot programming software RT2
  • Robot simulation software- MelfaWorks (Mitsubishi Electric robot programming software)
  • Robot programming (online / offline)
  • Simulation (of potential applications)
  • Cycle time calculation
  • Tracking
  • Robot ‘Tuning’

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