MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better

Main objectives

The course aims to introduce the participant to the basic principles and techniques of PLC programming. The course makes use of the features of the PLC programming tool GX Works2 from Mitsubishi Electric. The course provides the participant with an understanding of the basic functions of a PLC, how to create simple applications for a PLC using GX Works, and how GX Works can be used to monitor, test, and modify PLC applications


Delegates need no previous experience with Mitsubishi Electric PLCs. However some knowledge of other manufacturers’ products would be useful. An understanding of basic electrical principles and number bases would be an advantage.

Products used

This course uses dedicated FX PLC hardware together with GX Works2 programming software.


2 days


  • PLC hardware and software
  • The PLC scan cycle
  • Overview of GX Works2 interface and IDE
  • Creating simple projects
  • Basic PLC Parameters
  • Creating a PLC application
  • Cross-referencing and viewing used I/O
  • Calculations in PLC programming
  • PLC Diagnostics
  • Importing other program formats into GX Works2.
  • Sequence Function Chart (SFC)
  • And more

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