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Main objectives

This is a two day PLC programming course, built on the basic level Simple Projects course. The course aims to introduce the participant to the principles and techniques of structured PLC programming. The course makes use of the features of the PLC programming tool GX Works2 from Mitsubishi Electric. The course provides the participant with an understanding of how the built-in functions of a PLC can be extended using IEC61131.3 model structured project techniques, how to create structured applications for a PLC using GX Works, and how GX Works can be used to monitor, test, and modify structured PLC applications.


This course requires a basic understanding of PLC programming using simple projects, from the level 1 course or from experience with GX-Works or GX-Developer.

Participants familiar with GX-IEC developer will learn how to adapt their expertise to GX-Works

Products used

This course uses dedicated FX PLC hardware together with GX Works2 programming software


2 days


  • Overview of structured programming
  • The structure of simple projects: Using built-in structured functions of Q-Series PLCs
  • Variables and variable scope
  • Generic coding
  • How structured projects handle relays, registers, and other devices
  • labels
  • Assigning compiler resources
  • The compiler and compilation options
  • structured ladder code
  • Functions
  • Using ST code (Structured text)
  • User Libraries
  • security
  • Program recovery

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