GOT (HMI) Training

Main objectives

This course will introduce students to the common functions of industrial HMI’s (Human Machine Interface) using the Mitsubishi Electric GOT range of HMIs. The course uses a GOT integrated into our FX3G-E training kits, providing full practical experience of creating HMI projects, linking them to a PLC and testing the interaction of the HMI and PLC applications.


This course will teach you everything you all you need to know about Mitsubishi Electric HMI/GOTs. This is aimed at students of all levels

Products used

PLC with a GOT HMI.


2 days


  • HMI hardware and connectivity
  • GOT Software GT-Designer3
  • Creating HMI projects
  • Creating screens
  • Static components
  • Using the GOT simulator
  • Communication between HMI and PLC
  • Dynamic components
  • HMI and PLC applications
  • Data Logging / Historical Trending

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