MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better

Main objectives

The course aims to provide participants with a good understanding of the Mitsubishi Electric F700 & D700 Variable Speed Drive features. The course is practical and includes wiring of digital and analog inputs and outputs, hardware configuration, parameter set-up, alarm monitoring and troubleshooting.


The course is designed for participants who have Mitsubishi Electric Variable Speed Drives (VSD’s) and require a more in-depth knowledge of their programming and set-up. Although no prior knowledge of VSD’s is required, participants should have a reasonable understanding electrical circuits and control logic.

Products used

This course uses the dedicated FR-E700 variable speed drive simulator systems hardware.


1 day


  • Electric Motor theory and standard motor control methods
  • Inverter theory
  • Power & control terminals
  • Control terminals
  • wiring
  • Digital Inputs and Relay outputs Parameters – An overview of the basic parameters
  • Parameter Units
  • applications and programming set-up
  • Wiring and testing
  • Alarm Signals & codes
  • Components in VSD System
  • Good maintenance practices

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